3 Facebook Ad Strategies For Car Dealership Advertising

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is still the #1 biggest platform…by far. According to MarketingLand.com, Facebook accounts for over 80% of social media ad spending. The amount? In 2019, Statista.com reported that total Facebook ad spend was over $1.57 billion. This proves that the original social media platform is still the place […]

3 Online Video Advertising Strategies for Car Dealers

car dealership advertising

Video advertising is still king when it comes to attracting new and eager customers to your car dealership. Why video, in a day and age where there are so many mediums to get the word out about your business? Because we are in the business of cars – and, if there’s one way to entice […]

Step 5 of Lead Generation: Closing Sales and Reporting on KPI’s

Step 5: Sales and Reporting Sales This fifth step in our lead model is all about the back end of the sales funnel. By now, considering the customer has gone through the first four steps involved in the process, they have provided you with their contact details – they have converted from traffic into a […]