Dealer Marketing Experience

We have in dealership retail experience, plus 15 years of car dealership marketing experience. We have built over 10,000 car dealership ads. We combine next-level creative with exceptionally fast turnaround and results for our clients.

Why us?

We are Specialists.

Why work with a generalist who doesn’t understand your business, when you can work with a team of specialists who have delivered thousands of leads for businesses just like yours?


Director & Strategist

Hi, I’m Kain Vodic,

I have been in the business of growing business for the last 15 years, including the last 9 years operating my own business, Catalyst.

Previous to that, I had worked for Salefest Advertising, which at the time was Australia’s largest automotive advertising agency.

I now lead a highly talented and committed team of graphic designers and digital marketers who have collectively created over 10,000 car dealership ads.

I get a real buzz out of seeing our dealer clients grow their sales and win awards from their manufacturers.

Our 5 Step Lead Generator system is the culmination of all this experience, allowing suitable dealerships to work alongside me and my highly experienced team to generate outstanding results.

Proven Strategies To Grow Your Sales

The best way to grow is with more paying customers. Quite simply, this is what business boils down to.  Without customers, a business is nothing. Customers are vital to the success of any business, online or otherwise.

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“What our clients say”

“Their creative was always spot on. We couldn’t get that kind of impact from other agencies we had worked with previously”.

Nelson Luc
Digital Marketing Manager, Bill Buckle Auto Group (Previous Role)