Step 3 of Lead Generation: Inspire Action from Your Car Dealership Advertising Campaigns

Step 3: Inspire Action

At this point, your prospective customer should now have expressed their interest in what you have to offer enough to click on your link to your web or landing page. After they clicked your link, they have been greeted with engaging and relevant content that acts to warm them to your offer.

So, what’s next?

The third of the five steps in our lead model is to inspire action. Well made content is great and is certainly a key to success; however, it can be useless if it does not work to inspire the customer to take action. If you know much about marketing then you might be familiar with the term AIDA. AIDI is an acronym that represents the mindset that a customer goes through in order to result in a lead or conversion.

The acronym stands as follows:

A wareness

I nterest

D ecision

A ction

If the first two steps of our 5 Step Lead Generator has been followed correctly and the customer has actively participated in the sales funnel up until now, then it is now time to take action. This is when your customer is nearing the bottom of the sales funnel, having been predisposed to your offers and the content you have provided. Your customer is now fully aware of your dealership and what you can do for them. Now, you need to push them even more towards them providing you with a point of contact. In other words, the action is what should drive the customer to become a lead. This is when the consumer becomes a real opportunity to become a buyer, and no longer just another peruser of your advertisement and content. No matter how good your landing or web page might be, or how well done your advertisements are, they are worthless unless you can turn general interest into a conversion. Plenty of digital marketers expect that the platform will do all the work for them in the campaign – we can tell you this is very much untrue. The platforms should be thought of as simply the carrier of the message your business is attempting to convey to your prospective customers. It helps to look at it this way. Digital platforms only do one 1/3 of the job – they carry the message. Crafting the perfect marketing message for your target audience is another 1/3 of the job. The final piece of the puzzle is having an optimized and powerful website/landing page that converts the traffic into a lead. Sometimes this third step is overlooked, or not performed properly. It is easy to forget how whimsical humans can be, or how afraid they might be to take action if not pushed to do so. It is the marketers’ job to create the need to take action, and it should be done in a way that the prospective customer feels as though they must take this action now!

This is why the third step, inspiring action, is so important to the success of your marketing campaign and your dealership. So, how do you inspire action? This can be done in a variety of ways. The important thing to remember is that human beings are not only rational but also emotional. So, appealing to emotion is arguably one of the most powerful ways to inspire a customer to take action.

Feelings over facts.

Simply stating facts is not only minimally effective, but it is also quite boring. If you want your customer to take action, then provoking an emotional response is an incredibly useful took in pulling your customers further into your sales funnel. Humans are emotional beings, and we hate to feel left out of anything that might benefit us. The fear of missing out is one of the ways you can market your business and inspire the interested consumer to take action. Some of the most popular emotions that are used by marketers to trigger sales are:

  • Fear
  • Belonging
  • Guilt
  • Gratification
  • Trust

Promoting any of these emotions in your sales copy on your landing page will work to inspireyour customers to take action.

Urgency is Key.

Without urgency, your customers will rarely convert into leads. Your offer will be put on the back burner for whatever else is happening in the busy lives of your audience. There needs to be a reason to act now. This response can be implemented in a variety of ways. The obvious and probably most common method is to but a time restraint on your offer. For example, “We are closing this deal very soon, so make sure to get in while the offer is still there!” There are many different ways to express urgency in your sales funnel, but almost always will it work better than simply listing an offer without a time limit. Simple sales copy such as this is how you can turn an interested customer into an actual lead for your dealership. Inspiring action is a crucial step in turning prospective customers into leads. Once you have spurred your customer to take action, we can now move on to collecting the actual lead. This will ultimately result in selling more cars. This was the third step of the 5 Step Lead Generator.

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