Step 5 of Lead Generation: Closing Sales and Reporting on KPI’s

Step 5: Sales and Reporting


This fifth step in our lead model is all about the back end of the sales funnel. By now, considering the customer has gone through the first four steps involved in the process, they have provided you with their contact details – they have converted from traffic into a lead. By following Catalyst Automotive’s 5 Step Lead Generator process, your marketing will generate more leads. This means that your dealership now has the opportunity to turn these increased leads to selling more cars, which is what the fifth step in this lead model is all about. It is now the job of the sales team to follow up with your interested customers. One of the reasons that leads are so valuable is because it means you have direct contact with the customer, which is incredibly powerful. Assuming your sales funnel is executed properly and efficiently, this customer is completely warm to both your dealership and what you’re offering. Your sales funnel has done half of the work for you already – it is now time to close the deal. Direct person-to-person contact is arguably the best way to sell products or services. It’s even easier when the customer has already expressed interest in what you’re offering. They’ve given you their own contact information freely! This is not something to be taken lightly. This interested customer is ready to be sold to, and they know exactly what they are getting themselves into. They haven’t been tricked or lured into handing over their contact information, they’ve offered it themselves. Let’s rundown what your customer has experienced thus far:

  1. The customer has clicked on your online advertisement, opting to be taken away from whatever platform they were on previously.
  2. The customer has been warmed with a landing page filled with content that is similar to an advertisement they clicked on, preferably the exact ad creative on the landing page as on the ad. Hopefully, they’ve also been exposed to relevant video content.
  3. The customer has been presented your hot offer, in a way that inspires action.
  4. The customer has been led to providing their contact information by a personalized landing page, thus becoming a lead.

So, all that needs to happen is for your sales team to do what they do best, which is to sell.



The second aspect of the fifth step in our model involves reporting. Digital marketing campaigns have lots of moving parts. As we’ve outlined in the five steps, there are many different areas in the sales funnel that may be underperforming. With traditional marketing, it is sometimes difficult to see exactly how effective certain advertisements may be. In the past, advertising departments have typically needed to hold in-house testing and focus groups in order to determine how powerful certain advertisements are for the intended purpose.

Luckily, this is not necessary for digital marketing. The good news is that digital marketing is both trackable and measurable, and precisely. We can see what is happening in real-time and adjust if needed. This means we can watch how each and every customer reacts and engages throughout every step of the sales funnel. We can see what they interact with, where they click and where they don’t, and when they exit the page and at what point they convert. All of this data can be compiled to evaluate how well specific points of the sales funnel perform and whether the entire marketing campaign is succeeding at all. Digital marketing has allowed us to report on campaigns in a way never possible before, and it is important to make use of all the data so that your advertising efforts are optimized to the fullest extent. There are, however, lots of different metrics and reporting inputs from all the different platforms and this can be problematic. In a typical campaign, you might need to read:

  • Facebook reports
  • Google Analytics
  • Google marketing campaigns
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp

These are only a few examples of the many different platforms and analytics that you might come across in a typical digital marketing campaign, and we know firsthand that it can be confusing!


Catalyst Automotive offers a solution to the complex tracking of the various data from digital marketing campaigns. We provide our clients with a simple, but effective 1 Page Dashboard where you can see all your results on the very same page:


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Display
  • Google Analytics; and
  • Email Marketing.


This dashboard has proved to be an unbelievably effective asset for car dealerships that need to manage their online marketing efforts. The 5 Step Lead Generator is a fantastic model to help your business acquire more leads, thus grow sales and maintain the livelihood of your business. Increasing the effectiveness of your businesses online marketing efforts is an absolute requirement in advertising for the digital age. Catalyst Automotive is an advertising and marketing agency in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD that focuses on real, tangible results. Our agency’s primary focus is on developing marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that increase car sales and grow dealerships.


We believe in strategy.

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