Step 4 of Lead Generation: Drive Conversions of Traffic to Leads from Your Advertising

Step 4: Drive Conversions

Alright, here we are. It is now time to turn that initial click into a conversion. It’s time to sell some cars! Up until now, you’ve hopefully led your prospective customer through the entire sales funnel to get to this point here. It started by your customers expressing interest in your advertisement so much so that they decided to spend valuable time pursuing your opportunity. After they clicked on the ad, they were then brought to a landing or web page that was packed with relevant content that made them want to engage even further. On your landing or web page, there was also an effort to inspire action in the customer to take further steps in the sales funnel, which is what step four of the five steps is all about. Now it is time for your prospective customer to extend a point of contact, thus providing you with a lead. This is not only beneficial to your dealership but also for the customer, because he has trusted you enough to give you his contact details in order to receive the future offer you have promised.

The definition of a conversion is as such: “the process of changing or causing something to change from one form to another”. In the process of conversion, something is actively being changed into something else. When we speak of conversions in marketing, this can mean anything from entering a phone number or making a purchase. The conversion we are talking about here is a lead. In this fourth step of acquiring a lead, the customer is offering their information. This means that they are no longer just an interested person, but now are a lead for your business. Conversion is this magic step where your traffic is no longer traffic. The success of an advertisement or sales funnel isn’t usually based on how much traffic it receives, because traffic does not necessarily result in car sales. No car sales mean no dealership growth or success. Traffic is worthless unless, at some point, it results in conversions. The key to driving conversions is making it easy and accessible for the prospect to become enquire with your dealership – to become a lead.

Pro Tip for Conversions

Here at Catalyst Automotive, we’ve developed this 5-step system with the sole purpose of driving leads for your business. With our extended experience and knowledge, we know where the process or sales funnel can sometimes go wrong when it comes to generating those leads. As we touched on earlier, one of the biggest mistakes dealerships make is pointing traffic to a general web page that is in no way relevant to the initial advertisement. Every step of the sales funnel should be as seamless as possible so as to ensure every interested customer follows the funnel, eventually converting into a lead. In order to convert traffic into leads, you must be able to capture contact details somewhere on the page.

This can mean simply including a form where the customer enters their details so that your sales team can follow up and close the sale. Remember, this entire lead generation process is performed so that your sales team can turn these leads into buyers. So, it is an absolute requirement that somewhere on the landing or web page there is a contact form to be filled out.

The most common details to ask from your customer are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address

These are the most basic yet most often used for a reason. Too many requirements or options to fill out might scare away your traffic. As a dealership, you should make it as easy as possible for your customers to give you their contact information. It shouldn’t be hard for the customer to navigate or find out where they need to put in their information.

Easier is always better.

You don’t need your customers navigating off to other parts of your website and drifting away from the all-important form where they are going to give you their contact details.

Personalized Touch

Digital marketing is fantastic for advertising; however, it can be a bit impersonal at times. It’s easy to get lost behind screens, but ultimately the business of car dealerships is about people buying from people. We aim to make digital more personalized by having staff photos, bios and contact details on the landing page. This has the effect of nudging the customer to make an inquiry because they can see who they will be dealing with. People like dealing with people. And, if the customer is searching on their phone, then your sales consultant’s phone number or email is just one click away. It’s easy. Good marketing is when it is easy for a customer to buy from your business. If you follow all the first four steps of our lead generation process, this means the funnel that your customer experiences will be an easy one. It should require very minimal effort on their end every step of the way. This is the fourth step of the 5 Step Lead Generator.

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