Why Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Feature is So Powerful for Car Dealers

If you advertise your car dealership online and aren’t already using Facebook’s Auto Inventory feature, this article is a must read for you.

You could potentially be missing out on quality leads and thousands of dollars in gross profits.

Facebook has made it incredibly easy for car dealerships to advertise on their platform in an insanely powerful way, and, combined with great car dealership marketing ideas, this feature has helped countless auto dealers in maximizing revenue and making ad spend more effective.

If you aren’t familiar with this feature yet, allow me to explain.

What is Facebook’s Auto Inventory Ad Feature?

Auto inventory ads are Facebook’s secret weapon to help anyone who sells cars (more specifically, dealerships) get more traffic, leads, and sales.

This style of ad is dynamic, and is designed with eager car buyers in mind; these auto inventory ads utilize either your SDK or Pixel data in order to present your ads to not only those who have recently visited your website or app, but also those who mimic the same buyer activity and interests of your recent visitors.

If you are knowledgeable with Facebook pixel, then this is nothing new to you.

But, what makes these Auto ads so powerful is the ability for advertisers to upload their inventory of cars (yes, your entire catalogue) and include all the relevant info of each vehicle, including but not limited to the:

● model

● make

● year

● features

These ads allow you to exhibit the most attractive qualities of your vehicle inventory to prospective buyers – these ads are eye-catching and intriguing to anyone who is interested in buying a car, making your dealership and inventory stand out in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Here’s the best part; as Facebook does with all types of dynamic ads, each ad presented is tailored towards each unique user. In other words, Facebook automatically shows your prospective buyer the specific vehicles that are most likely to compel them to click!

This is one of the main benefits of digital marketing, and is especially powerful for your car dealership’s advertising campaigns.

These ads will result in more traffic, leads, and sales for your dealership, especially when combined with your unique car dealership marketing ideas!

How to Combine Facebook Ads With Your Car Dealership Marketing Ideas

Facebook ads, more specifically the automotive inventory ads, can help your dealership generate more revenue due to their built-in intelligence, which matches your ad creative to be highly-targeted towards each specific user.

This is how many car dealerships are drastically increasing their sales through their online marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy – Facebook can’t do all the work for you, the creative must be good enough to entice your buyers and make them stop scrolling long enough to click… not to mention your inventory must be presented to those who fit your dealership’s target demographic and income levels.

If you would like help with combining Facebook’s auto inventory ads with exciting yet effective car dealership marketing ideas, you can get the digital marketing help from agencies such as Catalyst Automotive.

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