5 Car Dealership Marketing Ideas to Drive More Leads

Digital marketing is the new frontier for businesses of all sizes, industry, and location. If you own or manage a car dealership, online advertising is one the best ways to get quality leads inexpensively.

This article will detail five different car dealership marketing ideas that your company can use to generate more leads, ultimately resulting in more sales.

1. Offer A Free Car Buyers Checklist To Your Facebook Page

If you have an engaged Facebook Page for your car dealership, then you should be actively trying to convert your ‘fans’ into leads.

This is especially important if you happen to have a large Facebook Page – oftentimes, audiences on Facebook tend to be the most ‘passive’, meaning they don’t often take action.

Because of this, there needs to be incentive to turn your fans into quality leads, which is why offering an Car Buyers Checklist to your Facebook audience is one of the best ways to get them off the platform and over to your website.

The Car Buyers Checklist should be specific to your industry and audience.

All you need to do is make it so the user must provide their email address to receive the Car Buyers Checklist; then, you can continue to advertise via email marketing.

It’s worth mentioning that your lead magnet (the Car Buyers Checklist) doesn’t have to be dense… in fact, it’s usually better to keep it snappy. Use it as a pre-sell for your product or services while still providing value.

2. Use Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads

Facebook semi-recently added a new feature for dynamic ads that tailors specifically to car dealership owners and advertisers.

Using the auto inventory ads, you can actually include your entire vehicle inventory catalogue; not only images, but also relevant information, including the make, year, and price of each car.

The best part is this; not only can you include your dealership’s entire inventory, but Facebook will automatically present the specific cars in your catalog to those most likely to buy them.

In other words, every Facebook user that sees your ad will be presented a unique creative, resulting in more leads and more sales.

That’s the power of Facebook’s dynamic advertising, which can be very profitable when combined with your car dealership marketing ideas.

3. Make YouTube Videos Featuring Your Car Dealership

Youtube has been used for marketing purposes since its inception, and if you own a car dealership then you can make use of this free platform, too.

Simply create video content that is both entertaining yet attractive to your target market – this is a great way to generate leads and sales inexpensively, although it does take some creativity to make good content.

Also, if you know what you’re doing, you can pay for Youtube video ads. When it comes to car dealerships this is very effective, since the ability to show off your inventory with video is powerful.

4. Write SEO Articles On Your Blog

Blog content is still one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and generate quality leads.

Create a content planner and hire writers with an engaging voice and who know your typical customer.

Make sure each article is targeting keywords that are relevant to your car dealership.

5. Use Google Adwords To Get More Local Clicks To Your Website

Google Adwords are those search results you get at the very top of the page whenever you do a Google Search, the ones that have ‘Ad’ in the little green box to the left of the title.

Adwords are a great way to get interested customers to your web or landing page; you only pay when someone ‘clicks’ onto your page and you can adjust the settings so that only those who live close to your dealership are shown your ads.

If you need help with your car dealership marketing ideas and strategy, contact a digital marketing agency like Catalyst Automotive to help increase your sales and cut down on ad spend generating high quality car dealership marketing leads.