Step 2 of Lead Generation: Warm Your Customers with Useful Content

Step 2: Warm with Content

If you’ve followed the first step correctly and put effort into promoting brand awareness, that means you will now have prospective customers that are interested enough in what you have to offer that they are clicking onto your ads. So, what now? Well, the goal is to not disappoint. The customer has instigated the beginning of your sales funnel by taking the time to click on your advertisement.

This is valuable time that can be spent doing lots of other things – the internet is a very entertaining place, and the platforms through which you advertise make it so that consumers don’t want to leave. Channels such as Facebook and Instagram are designed to keep the user on the app as long as possible. This means capturing a customer’s attention is not only difficult but when it happens it should not be taken lightly.

A customer clicking on your advertisement is giving you the gift of their attention. The second step is all about maintaining that attention with content. In order to capture a lead, it is essential that the customer is guided through every step in the sales funnel until they reach the end. At any point in time, the customer may decide that they are bored or uninterested and divert their attention elsewhere.

A common mistake that dealerships make in online advertising is fumbling the connection between the advertisement and what the consumer sees next. Let’s say you are promoting an enticing, vibrant advertisement that claims the consumer ‘can save $3240 on a new Ford Ranger’. Luckily enough, you’ve caught a customer’s attention and they’ve decided to click on your advertisement. And what do they see next? Nothing. This customer is brought to a general page that has nothing to do with this particular offer that they are interested in.

Are they supposed to find the offer themselves on your website? Unfortunately, No.

Time is valuable, and consumers don’t appreciate having put in the effort themselves in the chance they might benefit from it. Your goal should be to make the transition from advertisement click to your website as relevant as possible so as to not confuse your interested consumer. Remember, this person is taking time out of their day to see what you have to offer, so it’s important to respect their time! In order to make the most out of those advertisement clicks, the consumer should be greeted by content that is relevant to the same advertisement they clicked on. This is very important. Relevant content establishes trust and keeps the sales funnel process flowing. When the ad creative is the same on the landing page as it is in the ad that the customer clicked on, it reinforces to the customer that they are in the right place and that the offer is genuine.

It helps to include the exact same ad creative that the customer clicked on somewhere on the landing page they are lead to – this will ensure that they know they are in the right place. Once your prospective customer is on your landing page, not only should the content be relevant to the initial advertisement but this content should effectively warm them to your offer. This content should not only hold your prospective customer’s attention but also lead them closer to a sale.

Content is king.

You already have your customer’s attention, so it is now your job to hold it for as long as necessary. The end goal is to capture a lead, so every step of the sales funnel process needs to be executed properly. Once the customer is on your landing page or website, one of the best ways to keep their attention is through video. Video marketing is incredibly powerful.

Video is the hottest marketing asset right now.

Why? Because it’s multi-sensory – it’s visual, it’s auditory and it’s a moving picture. Video has all the effective elements of TV advertising but without the high cost of TV advertising. Once your prospective customer has reached your landing page, one of the best ways to keep them there is by including a relevant video that is both entertaining and informative. The idea is to warm the customer to your dealership or offer without coming off as too salesy. If you want to capture leads, the video needs to be high quality and well done. If not, then there’s a chance your customer might move on to other content that is more entertaining to them. All of this will help in easing the transition from advertisement to the next step in the sales funnel.

After the customer engages with your advertisement, they need to be brought to a landing or web page that has content pertinent to what was included in the actual ad. Otherwise, the customer may feel lost or that they were bribed into something that they did not expect. Using video content will only help to establish that relationship between your dealership and the consumer, and this is how you will eventually acquire leads successfully. Warming your customers with content is the second step of Catalyst Automotive’s 5 Step Lead Generator.

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