How Our 5 Step Lead Generator Delivers More Leads

If you’re tired of running hit and miss campaigns, or you aren’t sure which is the right digital channel to use, then read on and we’ll break-down how the 5 Step Lead Generator model generates more leads.


The essence of digital marketing is this:

Increase traffic to your website + Convert traffic to leads = more sales.

Fundamentally, it’s quite simple as a strategy.

The execution requires a host of skills carefully integrated to make it work.

The Challenges

There are more digital platforms than ever before. The choices are endless.

Without expert knowledge, it can be difficult to know which is the best platform, or combination of platforms including Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, email and SMS.

There are lots of “experts” out there! Who do you want to work with and why?

Digital platforms only do one 1/3 of the job – they carry the message.

Crafting the right marketing message is another 1/3 of the job.

The final piece of the puzzle is a having a website/landing page that converts the traffic into a lead.


How the 5 Step Lead Generator Works

Our unique approach with 5 Step Lead Generator ™ is broken down in the following steps.

  1. Create Awareness

Customers can’t buy you if they don’t know about you.

Customers have busy lives, so we need to remind them that are here to solve their ‘problem’ (wants/needs).

Our view is that in 2019, digital traffic sources are still super cheap. This includes Facebook paid ads, Facebook Remarketing, Google AdWords, Google Display, Google Remarketing, Instagram, YouTube, email and SMS/MMS.

Digital traffic is so cheap compared with mass media such as TV, radio and print. Do these media still have a place? Yes, they do, but only in certain situations, for example regional TV is ridiculously cheap for the reach, and you’d be crazy to not use TV if you are in a regional area. A case for metropolitan radio can be made if you are sending a truckload of traffic to purpose-built landing page which will convert the traffic into leads. Otherwise, don’t bother.

So, our approach is, with digital traffic sources being so cheap in 2019, we point as many sources of traffic as we can to your website/landing page. In an era of information overload, you need multi-touchpoints to your campaign.

We recommend the following traffic sources linked back to your campaign specific landing page:

Facebook paid ads, Facebook Remarketing, Google AdWords, Google Display, Google Remarketing, Instagram, YouTube, email and SMS/MMS.

  1. Warm with Content

So, your prospective customers have clicked on your Facebook ad or your email campaign and it links back to your website and when they get there . . .

It’s like a ghost town.

Why? Because they clicked on a vibrant, creative ad which said that they could save $3240 on a new Ford Ranger and when they get to your website, do you reckon they can find that deal? If your website is like 90% of websites, there will be no reference to the Ford Ranger with a saving of $3240 … This makes your website feel like a ghost town. The prospect loses trust in your offer and clicks away to a competitor.

The Solution

Thankfully it’s quite simple. You need the ad creative to be the same on the landing page as it is in the ad that the customer clicked on. This subtly reinforces to the customer that they are in the right place and that the offer is genuine.

Warm Your Prospects?

If you really want to warm your prospects, you will not only have campaign creative in the header banner, but if you want to go the next level, you will use …

The Power of Video

Video is the hottest marketing asset right now.

Why? Because it’s multi-sensory – it’s visual, it’s auditory and it’s a moving picture.

Video has all the effective elements of TV advertising, but without the high cost of TV advertising.

  1. Inspire Action

A crap offer is a still a crap offer, no matter what digital platform or mass media channel you use.

The methods for how to create a hot offer have not changed in 50 years.

Crafting hot offers, with emotional or rational reasons to act now, are as important as ever. A word of warning: be wary of digital marketers who think that the platform will do all the work for the campaign – it won’t. Marketing uses technology – to get humans to buy. Don’t forget this.

  1. Drive Conversions

You have the traffic, your offer is hot, what now?

You have to make it easy and accessible for the prospect to become enquire with your business – to become a lead.

Pro Tip for Conversions

Don’t simply point your traffic with your hot offer to your home page. Point or link the traffic to a landing page which has one job only – to get the customer to fill in a form with their contact details for your sales team to follow up and close the sale.

That’s it! You don’t need them navigating off to other parts of your website and drifting away from the all-important form where they are going to give you their contact details.

Personalised Touch

Digital is great, but it can be a bit impersonal at times. We all get lost behind screens, but ultimately business is about people buying from people.

We aim to make digital more personalised by having staff photos, bios and contact details on the landing page.

This has the effect of nudging the customer to make an enquiry because they can see who they will be dealing with. People like dealing with people.

And, if the customer is searching on their phone (which they probably are), then your sales consultant’s phone number or email is just one click away. It’s easy. Good marketing is when it is easy for a customer to buy from your business.


  1. Lead Generation, More Sales & Reporting

By following the above process, your marketing will generate more leads, and your sales team if they are following their sales processes, will sell more stock or services.

So, let’s recap the process:

  • Digital Traffic is cheap today, so point as many traffic sources as you can to your landing page
  • Warm your traffic with ad creative on your landing page that is the same as the ad they saw. Power up this engagement with video.
  • Craft hot offers which inspire action – now!
  • Convert traffic with singular purpose landing pages. Optimise your landing page performance by personalising the page with staff photos, bios and contact details
  • Get your sales team to follow up the customers, set appointments and close more sales.



There are lots of moving parts with these digital campaigns as you can see.

The good news is that digital marketing is so trackable and measurable. We can see what is happening in real time and adjust if necessary.

There are however lots of metrics and reporting inputs from all the different platforms and this can be problematic as you need to read your Facebook reports, Google Analytics for your website traffic & Google marketing campaigns and then go into Campaign Monitor or MailChimp to view your email opening rates and click-through rates.

Solution for Catalyst Clients

We provide our clients with a simple, but effective 1 Page Dashboard where you can see all your results on the very same page:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Display
  • Google Analytics; and
  • Email Marketing.


Is it Time to Generate More Leads for Your Business?

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