The 5 Steps to Generating More Leads from Your Car Dealership Marketing


The best way to grow a car dealership is with more paying customers. Quite simply, this is what a dealership boils down to. Without customers, a business is nothing. Customers are vital to the success of any dealership. Customers are made up of both new and pre-existing buyers. Pre-existing customers are great- these are your fans who buy from you time and time again because they love what you have to offer, and your relationship already exists. But when it comes to acquiring new customers, this is where some dealerships tend to struggle. That’s where we come in.

Marketing is the first step in the process of creating long term relationships with buyers, which also makes it one of the most important yet most difficult areas for businesses to find success in.

Here at Catalyst Automotive, we believe in strategy. A strategy is simply the most efficient way to create a prosperous dealership. At Catalyst Automotive, our primary focus is on developing marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that sell cars and ultimately build brands.

Our agency adopts a strategic approach to the online world of digital marketing that allows us to engage consumers and ultimately create long-time customers. These long-time customers are essential to success and are a core piece of the puzzle to what makes a dealership thrive.

We provide dealerships with the essential marketing platforms needed to maintain sustainable growth, year after year. Our agency takes pleasure in working closely with clients as a partner, helping them achieve their marketing objectives and increase sales. All effective marketing starts with strategy formulation.

Digital Marketing is a vast channel that covers an endless amount of opportunities and platforms through which dealerships are able to reach people and find buyers. In the industry of digital marketing, the currency we value most is a lead. The essence of digital marketing is this: Increase traffic to your website + Convert traffic to leads = more cars sold. The exact definition of a lead varies from person to person, company to company.

A lead can be an email, phone number, or even just a name. All that matters is that leads are the initial contact with potential customers. Leads are the first step to converting a consumer into a paying customer. This is where it all happens. Leads are how you bring customers into what you have to offer.

The beginning of the entire sales funnel

So, how do you get these ‘leads’? Different people will have a lot of different answers to this question. Here at Catalyst Automotive, we certainly have our own answer, and it involves strategy. In the many years that our agency has been providing professional marketing advice, we eventually fine-tuned the lead generation process into a simple, 5-step strategy. This is what we call the 5 Step Lead Generator.

The 5-Step Lead Generator

This strategy has been successfully tested and used in countless online marketing efforts and has proven itself to be incredibly powerful and robust. The 5 Step Lead Generator is a model that if executed properly can result in a drastic increase of leads, which means more buyers and ultimately the everlasting success of your dealership. The 5 Step Lead Generator is broken down as such:

Step 1: Create Awareness

The first step in generating leads involves creating awareness for your dealership – customers cannot buy from you if they don’t know about you. In order to have buyers, you first need to produce digital traffic. This is all about getting your name out to the right people and starting the sales funnel.

Step 2: Warm With Content

The next step involves populating the next step of the sales funnel. Once the consumer clicks on your advertisement, what do they see? If you’re doing it right, they will be greeted with related content that effectively warms your prospects and leads to the third step.


Step 3: Inspire Action

Great content does nothing to promote a sale unless it inspires the consumer to take action. Giving your prospective customer a reason to act is how you ultimately turn a reader into a buyer.


Step 4: Drive Conversions

So you have the traffic, and you have an interest in your offer… now what? You need to make the transition from interest to lead in order to drive conversions. This step is all about getting those contact details with the use of a well-done landing page. This is arguably the most crucial step in the process, yet one of the hardest to execute properly.


Step 5: Lead Generations, More Sales & Reporting

After the lead is captured, the front end process is complete and the reins are handed over to the sales. Monitoring and evaluating the performance of digital advertising is the best way to minimize spending and maximize profits. This is the basis, the skeleton of our 5-step model. Simply knowing all of the five steps helps, but as they say, the devil is in the details. In order to properly execute our model and get those leads you so desire, it’s important to know exactly what each step in the process entails.


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