Find the best automotive marketing agency for your business

If you’re looking for an automotive marketing agency, you’ll need to make a careful assessment of how an agency stacks up against the needs of your business

Finding a digital marketing agency that meets your business’ needs can be tricky. There are plenty to choose from, but they’re not all created equal. And if you don’t have a recommendation to point you in the right direction, it’s hard to know whether you’ve made the right choice until you’ve started working together. And by then it can be too late or too difficult to swap agencies.

So you need to be able to assess agencies before you take the plunge. Here are our top four questions to ask before making a decision.

Has the marketing agency taken the time to get to know your business?

You’re entitled to take the time to explain your business to a potential provider. Your goals, vision for the future, customer pain points, what you’ve tried in the past. The whole shebang.

A marketing agency should take all the information on board and ask plenty of questions. This process shouldn’t be rushed.

Is the marketing agency proposing a tailored strategy or a cookie-cutter solution?

Part of having a tailored marketing strategy is consistent review and discussion about how the marketing strategy is working.

And to be perfectly honest, although we base our work on evidence-based marketing principles which consistently deliver fantastic results, sometimes marketing strategies need tweaking. We’re not too proud to admit that to our clients, and that’s what makes our client partnerships successful and long-term.

So when you’re choosing an agency, be sure to ask what happens if a strategy isn’t working. How is it reviewed? How often will you meet to discuss performance? At what point do you decide on a plan B? What is the plan B?

Does the marketing agency have the support of a great team?

Outstanding marketing takes into account all available avenues and then settles on a strategy that best fits the client’s needs. For example, some businesses may get the most out of a television advertising campaign. Others may find Facebook advertising the most effective. Others may need a combination of traditional and digital marketing to disseminate their message far and wide.  

Whatever the strategy, a marketing agency must be able to provide the necessary services and support. It’s the best way for the agency to monitor, control and understand how the strategy is performing. More importantly, it means that you can have whatever campaign you need without having to locate and consult multiple service providers.

The bottom line

Finding a marketing agency to look after your business marketing needs can be painful. You don’t have time, and you can’t be sure that you’re speaking to the right people. That’s why it can help to ask these key questions to help guide your decision. We’re the only automotive marketing agency that provides advice and services underpinned by the principles of marketing science. That means that you’re in safe hands with us. For more information, download our free guide, How to Succeed in Digital Marketingor contact us.

Kain Vodic

Kain Vodic is Catalyst Automotive’s director, strategist and marketing science practitioner. He’s also a golf devotee. Originally from Broken Hill, it’s no wonder he likes a beer or two.

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