4 marketing strategy insights from an automotive marketing agency

Automotive marketing agency gives the low-down on four key marketing strategies and how effective they really are.

If you’ve ever wondered which marketing strategies work, or why you should use some marketing strategies rather than others, you’re not alone. Here’s our thoughts about some of the most popular marketing strategies.

4 #marketingstrategy insights from an #automotivemarketingagency

1. USPs and why you need them

USPs are also known as unique selling propositions or unique selling points. If you’ve ever dipped your toe into the marketing world, you’ll know that everyone’s talking about USPs, all the time.

You know that your product or service is fantastic. Its quality speaks for itself. So why do you need to jump on the USP bandwagon? 

First, because defining your USP means that you’ve also had to work out your target market, demographic, how your consumers make purchase decisions, the problem that your product or service solves and, most importantly, how it’s different from your competitors’ products or services. Going through this process can help refine your product or service and tighten up your marketing strategy.

Second, having a USP can help you to define your business in just a sentence or two. And that can be gold when you’re trying to quickly get your message across before you lose your audience’s attention.

USPs are inexpensive and highly effective marketing strategies. If you don’t already have one, have a chat with us about developing one.

2. Establishing an online presence

If your business is busy, or if the product or service sells itself, why do you need an online presence? After all, it’s not as if you’re looking for the extra work.

Because businesses need to be robust enough to survive economic downturns, or slow sales periods, especially if the work tends to be seasonal. One way to avoid the impact of this is maintaining your online presence in good economic times and bad. It takes time:

  • To build your audience
  • For search engines to recognise the value of your website
  • To generate trust

So you need to work at your online presence regardless of how your business is performing.

As an automotive marketing agency, it’s fundamental to our marketing strategies that our clients need to be where the people are. These days, the people are online, especially on social media and search engines. That means that you’ve got to get in the game and stay in the game.

Ask us how to set up your online marketing strategy. We’ll tailor a package to your needs and budget.

3. Using marketing mediums that best suit your business

One of the great things about marketing is the range of mediums that are available to get messages to consumers. In addition to social media, websites and search engine results, there’s also more traditional media such as television, radio and print. And other methods such as direct email marketing.

So what do you choose?

There’s no simple answer, but it comes back to who you’re targeting, where you’ll find them and, importantly, your budget. After all, you’re going to want to stretch your marketing budget as far as possible.

You need your marketer to know your business inside-out. Your marketing strategy may involve many mediums. Or not. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. We’ll tailor a plan for your business. One that delivers results, on budget and on time.

4. Great customer service

There’s one unavoidable truth. If you’re not providing great customer service, your strategy may well amount to naught. Customer service is the foundation underpinning everything else. If it’s exceptional, you’re on a winner.

Line up your ducks

Figuring out your marketing strategy is about working on the basics. Understand your product, know how it helps your target market and deliver brilliant service. Then invest in the strategies that fit your business. As the only automotive marketing agency that provides advice and services based on the principles of marketing science, you’re in safe hands with us.

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