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The world has gone digital and there is little doubt about that. However, it is crucial to work out which digital platforms are the right platforms for your dealership to reach your customers and generate more leads from your digital marketing campaigns.

We provide the following digital marketing services to generate more leads for our clients:

Digital Strategy

All effective marketing starts with strategy formulation. We sit with you and analyse your dealership to determine the most relevant digital marketing strategies to be implemented for your dealership to generate more leads. This strategy formulation process involves looking at what to include, and importantly, what to exclude. Most times, you can’t do it all, so it’s about making informed decisions on how to spend your marketing budget effectively to generate as many leads as possible with the budget in place.

Google AdWords

If you aren’t on page 1 of Google, you need to get there – and quickly! This is where Google AdWords can be a super effective search engine marketing strategy. Remember, people are only searching for a product or service, because they are in the market now to buy.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Display Network banners work on the same principles as Google AdWords and are served for relevant keyword searches, but in visual banners, as compared with text only Google AdWords.

Google Remarketing Banners

So, we have managed to get customers to your website, but what if they don’t buy or make an inquiry? We then send them ads via Google Remarketing tracking codes. Google remarketing is super targeted because you are only advertising to customers are not only interested in your industry sector and have been to your website as well.

Facebook Advertising & Remarketing

As we know, everyone is on Facebook. Well, if not everyone, 80% of the population and people who are on Facebook visit it daily, often many times per day. Facebook advertising campaigns are an effective way of getting targeted, relatively low-cost advertising messages to your market and to generate more leads.

As with Google Remarketing, we can put a tracking code on your website and send ads on Facebook to potential customers who have visited your website and can keep your dealership in the frame for when they are ready to make a purchase.

Instagram Advertising

Like Facebook, Instagram is a very popular social media platform and can be an effective place to advertise your dealership and generate more leads.

YouTube Advertising

If you have had a video created or even a television commercial, why not promote it on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine beyond Google? YouTube gets around 15 million Unique Audience Visitors (UAV) per month in Australia, and at this stage, is still a low-cost advertising platform and who doesn’t love video??

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried and true marketing performer for generating more leads from your previous customer base. Communicating with your previous customers is effective because they already know, like and trust you and that makes it easier to generate more leads from the email campaign.

Mobile Marketing – SMS & MMS

Similar to email marketing, mobile marketing is really effective in advertising your campaign to your previous customers who know, like and trust you – thereby stimulating repeat sales. What do we love about mobile marketing? We love that everyone has their phone close by and who doesn’t read a text message when they get it?

Content Creation

We create content across a range of platforms including: social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, blog articles, E-newsletters, and videos for websites and for sharing on social media platforms.

Landing Pages

We design and build landing pages for specific advertising campaigns. All of the above digital advertising campaigns all link but to a specific, targeted landing page to capture more leads. This is a crucial part of the lead generation model.

Example of Effective Digital Advertising

No one thought moving a mountain was going to be easy, but my time in Broken Hill taught me that with thought, planning and effort anything is achievable…

Our campaign delivered a mountain of enquiries and within 1 month helped to reduce the client’s stock of demonstrators from 30 to just 17. Within 2 months they were down to 11. At the time of writing, the dealership only has 6 demo’s left.

Importantly, not only have they reduced their floor-plan charges, but they are now ready to get back into the target achievement program and are now a chance to get target bonuses.

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