Automotive marketing agency tells: How video gives your business the edge in online advertising

Online videos can be inexpensive, easy to make and can propel your website up the search engine rankings.

Television has been the stalwart of the advertising world for decades. But the problem is, it can be prohibitively expensive. But video has found a niche in online marketing campaigns because it’s easier than ever to make and upload video content. Here’s why you should consider using video in your online content.

Automotive Marketing agency confirms: Video helps SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is where it’s at with online marketing these days. Content that ticks the SEO boxes tends to do very well in search engine rankings. Especially video content.

The popularity of video content has increased because mobile devices have outstripped desktop computers as the most popular way to be online. Video helps to motivate users to stay on a page for longer, which signals to search engines that the page has useful, relevant content. In turn, this encourages search engines to rank video-containing pages more favourably.

All of this contributes to one significant over-arching factor: video makes it easier for people to find your business online. That means more potential conversions.

Video-sharing sites are powerhouse search engines

With 1.9 billion monthly users, YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine in the world (after Google). Google owns YouTube, so the integration between the two sites will only increase. That means more videos will feature in Google search results.

Don’t want to use YouTube? No problem. Take a look at  Facebook. Statistics show that videos uploaded directly to Facebook (rather than sharing video links) are attracting around 80 per cent of all social media video interactions. It’s a number that’s hard to ignore, and it means that you should seriously consider video as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Videos are quick and easy content

When a user plays a video, it’s the information they’re interested in, not the quality of the video. Professional filming and editing, scripts, hair, makeup, wardrobe and production aren’t always necessary to get your message across.

And if you know your website needs content, video may be an excellent option for you if you can talk the leg off a chair, but aren’t such a confident writer.

But exercise caution. Don’t babble. You’ll lose your audience. And don’t post a video just for the hell of it. Like other forms of digital content, it must be relevant, address an issue or problem and offer useful solutions.

And before you dip your toe in the DIY pond, speak to your digital marketing agency about whether video’s a good option for your brand, and the types of content that you should be covering.

The bottom line

As an automotive marketing and advertising agency, we’re experts in video content and can help you integrate it with your marketing strategy. We’ll also give you honest, no-nonsense advice about DIY and professional options. Our interest is in seeing your business thrive, rather than lining our own pockets with services that you don’t need. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Kain Vodic

Kain Vodic is Catalyst Automotive’s director, strategist and marketing science practitioner. He’s also a golf devotee. Originally from Broken Hill, it’s no wonder he likes a beer or two.

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