3 Instagram Car Dealership Marketing Ideas

If you own or manage a car dealership but are not already advertising via Instagram, you could potentially be missing out on lots of leads and profits.

What was once a hidden secret in the digital marketing world is now one of the most popular social media apps out today. Bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram currently has over 1 billion monthly users.

Needless to say, Instagram is a gold mine for online advertising efforts – if you own or manage a car dealership, it is a great platform to generate new leads and sales for your company.

Here’s three different Instagram marketing ideas that you can use for your car dealership.

1. Grow Your Instagram Page Organically With Great Content

One of the cheaper (but slower) ways of building up your online presence is to simply curate a great Instagram page.

Engaging content and consistency is the way to gain followers and get more attention to your car dealership.

Although it is certainly cheaper than paid Instagram advertising, it is important to maintain quality posting over time – otherwise, you run the risk of users unfollowing you or users visiting your page and leaving without following you.

Since you own or manage a car dealership, you’re in luck; people who like cars love to see pictures of cars!

You can feature different makes and models of vehicle in your posts – make sure to take the pictures with a good camera with proper lighting and framing techniques.

Digital marketing agencies like Catalyst Automotive have services to help you with your content management.

2. Run Story Ads With Enticing Video Content

Since Instagram announced they were adding the ‘story’ feature, it has become a huge opportunity for all types of digital marketing campaigns.

For your car dealership advertising, story ads are a great way to make an impression and get traffic to your web pages, resulting in more leads and more sales.

The best way to do this is with video content; nothing stops the continual swiping between stories quite like a well-done video ad.

You can feature someone talking directly to the camera about what your dealership has in stock, or simply show off your best vehicles in a way that makes the Instagram user want to learn more about you and your dealership.

Whatever you do in your digital marketing campaign, make sure to consider running story ads.

3. Run Feed Ads With Scroll-Stopping Images

The classic Instagram marketing route is with simple image-based ads on the regular feed.

The goal here is to make the app users stop their scrolling long enough to take a look at your ad; to do this, the image must be something that catches the eye… luckily, if you own a car dealership, then your inventory is naturally eye-catching, especially to someone interested in vehicles.

In addition to a great image, overlaying text is also needed – obviously, basic Times New Roman won’t do. The text should be colorful and ‘popping’, so much so that whoever is scrolling is able to catch it and decide to hang around long enough to read the rest of the ad copy.

If you are looking to increase leads and sales for your car dealership, Instagram marketing is a great place to do this inexpensively and effectively; digital marketing agencies such as Catalyst Automotive can help you with this.

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