To help you clear your Demo stock, we’ve put together our most cost effective Digital Marketing campaign packages.

Give your sales team the leads they need with an eye-catching Digital Campaign which will reach new and past customers though Social Media, Email and Mobile platforms, to deliver leads back to your campaign branded website.

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With our fast turnaround, if you brief us on Monday, your campaign will be in the market by Thursday and you will be selling cars Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In fact, you will bank the results before you receive our invoice at end of month. The campaign will pay for itself

Check out our Demo Demolition Campaign packages below, and find out more about our 5 Step Lead Generator model.

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*eDM offer includes up to 5,000 email addresses. For email lists over 5,000 email addresses, a cost of 3c per email address > 5000 will apply.

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What do our clients say about us?

“We have worked with the guys from Catalyst for a few years now. We have engaged them for design work for eDM’s, MMS and some print ads over the time. Their creative is spot on and their turnaround times are quick. I have found them to an efficient and effective marketing agency who gets automotive.

If you would like more info, you can call me at the dealership on (08) 8223 7666 or reach out to me on LinkedIn.”

Jess Nash / Marketing Manager, City Holden

“I have worked with the team at Catalyst on a monthly basis for 6-7 years now. Catalyst are a true business partner – we are in it together. As partners, we have been both really focused on driving results for the dealership. We work closely on the strategy, the campaigns and the dealership results. About 5 years ago Kain suggested that if we adopted a continuous, month-in-month out marketing strategy, taking hot offers to the market, that in time, we would create the “Harvey Norman Effect”, as he called it. We are on the shopping list more than ever before. Over time, we earned a number of national awards, including National Dealer of the Year. This was due to a combination of strong internal processes and having the volume of leads to sell to.”

If you would like to know more about Catalyst, feel free to call me at the dealership on (08) 8682 1600.

Todd Collie / General Sales Manager, Port Lincoln Mazda, Hyundai & Volkswagen

“Our group has been working with the team at Catalyst for about 18 months now, on a full-time basis. The guys at Catalyst are proactive at getting our advertising to market in a planned and timely manner – I don’t have to think about it as they are all across it. Earlier this year, we briefed Catalyst on a challenge we had with Volkswagen demo’s which weren’t moving and had started to build up, as can happen. Catalyst developed a digital strategy and designed all the digital advertising for Google, Facebook, a video and a personalised landing page to capture more leads. Our website leads went up, and the part I care about most, is that we moved a lot of the demo’s.

If you would like more info, you can call me at the dealership on (08) 8563 2045 or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Shane Beaney / Dealer Principal, Barossa Auto Group

“I worked with Kain and his team of highly experienced automotive graphic designers during my time as Digital Marketing Manager at Bill Buckle Auto Group. Whilst I created and developed our digital marketing strategy, the guys at Catalyst assisted me with the creative execution of my campaigns in a timely manner. The creative was consistently sharp and it was so much easier working with an agency who understood automotive. I didn’t have to provide them with the all the imagery for the makes and models because they were already across that.”

If you would like to know more, feel free to reach to me on LinkedIn

Nelson Luc / Digital Marketing Manager, Bill Buckle Auto Group (Previous Role)

How do we generate more leads?

Our focus is on growing your business by generating more leads for your sales team to close.