National Hyundai Dealer of the Year

It’s the first of January and you’re sitting in your office, it’s 42 degrees outside, it’s dusty, swarms of flies litter the air and you’re wondering “How can I be number one this year?”
Could a small, outback Hyundai dealer climb the top of the mountain to be crowned number one against 169 national competitors?
The short answer, is yes.

1200km from Sydney, the Far West Auto Group in Broken Hill in outback New South Wales was crowned Hyundai’s 2016 National Dealer of the Year, comfortably out-performing all other dealerships across a national network of 169 retail outlets.

The Team at Far West Hyundai (FWH) were the standout winners in Hyundai’s points-based program, which assesses customer satisfaction, quality of facilities, servicing, parts, sales targets and overall compliance with manufacturer standards for business and operations.

The Gala Awards night was overseen by Hyundai Motor Company President, JW Lee and Chief Operating Officer Scott Grant, amongst other high-profile members of the fast-growing car juggernaut.

To what does Far West Hyundai owe its success? We’ve all heard the age old saying ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ and dealer principal, Mark Grundy, did not take to the idea of being dubbed ‘second best’ lightly. So, at the end of 2015, we sat down with Mark and his team and put together an effective plan, underpinned by the principles of Marketing Science.

Far West Hyundai’s ‘Plan of Attack’ involved continual media scheduling using high-reach platforms such as television, newspaper and digital media to generate ‘top of mind’ salience in the dealer’s local catchment. Marketing Science states that all buyers navigate through endless brand choice using their personal repertoire of brands they know and trust. In order to be considered for these repertoires amongst competing car brands, FWH had to generate continual reach through advertising to build salience and strong memories in consumer’s minds. Without this, FWH would have gotten lost in a sea of dealership noise…unable to cut through the clutter of their competitors.

To aid in ad recall, we advised Mark and his team of the importance of distinctive assets. These assets include logos, colours, fonts, music, symbols etc. that have a direct correlation with your brand. This allows anyone who views your branding collateral to pin-point exactly who you are and recall you at purchase time. Without distinctive assets, consumers fail to draw connections between key messages presented through advertising and the business behind the message. Consequently, all TVC’s we created for FWH included their logo, address and phone number for the entire duration of the commercial. This way, it was impossible for consumers to miss, hence increasing their likelihood to make a Hyundai purchase.

Instead of focusing on attitudes (what people think of brands), we advised Mark to focus on influencing consumer behaviour (what people actually do). Marketing Science iterates the importance of behaviour, because people buy first and form attitudes and perceptions of brands later. This concept aligns with Ehrenberg’s ATR model for consumer purchase: Awareness, Trial and Reinforcement. When putting this theoretical concept into action, we made consumers within Mark’s local catchment aware of FWH through above the line media and continual advertising. They could then trial Hyundai by embarking on a test-drive at the dealership. Once this occurred, Far West Hyundai’s brand message was reinforced via continual advertising to generate ‘top of mind salience’ and follow-ups by sales staff. All of this put together, significantly increased the likelihood for consumer purchase.

On the whole, these principles outlined by Marketing Science allowed Mark and his team to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that was responsible for the dealership’s success. This allowed FWH to increase their market share and build sustainable, year on year growth for the dealership over the course of five years and beyond. 

What Did the Client Have to Say?

“I knew I wanted to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign for the year but I wasn’t sure where to start. Kain and the team at Catalyst Automotive guided me through this process and helped plan our marketing strategy for Hyundai. We focused on generating action and product trial through test-drives of our Hyundai vehicles. The agency cared for our brand as if it was their own and I will continue to engage with Catalyst Automotive for our dealership’s marketing needs.”

– Mark Grundy, Dealer Principal

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