30 Volkswagen Demo's to Clear

The problem:

Our client, Barossa Volkswagen were overstocked with a ‘mountain’ of demonstrator vehicles, 30 in fact. This normally equates to about 10 months supply of demo stock for a dealership of that size. It’s no secret in the Automotive industry, there’s tremendous pressure from the manufacturers to register more and more demos to reach their targets. Coupled with forward stock ordering that often means that you don’t see cars for up to 5-6 months, it can be challenging to get the stock mix right.


We developed an integrated digital marketing campaign that included:

  1. Delivering traffic from multiple sources

    Sticking within our client’s budget, we designed and launched advertising campaigns across multiple digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Google Remarketing and Email. Our creative “Barossa Volkswagen’s Urgent Demo Sale” was designed to visually stand out as a unique offering from the client and to promote them as the place to go for big savings on Volkswagen vehicles. We pointed each of these traffic sources back to a campaign landing page.
  2. Design of a compelling landing page


    The days of just pointing prospects to a website are over. It’s important to deliver them to a landing page that reflects your creative and reinforces or expands on the campaign messaging. Our aim is to inspire action in the viewer, more specifically, to make any enquiry.

    Most dealer websites are built by only a few website providers nationally, and they do a good job. The only problem is that websites tend to be a bit “set and forget” and unless the dealer or their marketing agency drives new content, there is no focused activity. Because most websites are built by these few website companies, they tend to all look the same and lack a bit of personality.

    Our approach to creating the Barossa Volkswagen Demo Sale landing page was to keep it consistent with the ad campaigns. There would be no doubt when clicking through from a traffic source that the customer had come to the right place. Viewers were instantly greeted by an engaging video ad with professional voice over (just like a TV ad).

    We including new copy and campaign messaging to re-inforce the sale offering.

    We also included photos and bios of the sale staff under the heading “We’re here to help…” to make the page more personable. We included the staff member’s direct mobile and email contact to nudge the customer that little bit more to make direct contact.


No one thought moving a mountain was going to be easy, but my time in Broken Hill taught me that with thought, planning and effort anything is achievable…

Our campaign delivered a mountain of enquiries and within 1 month helped to reduce the client’s stock of demonstrators from 30 to just 17. Within 2 months they were down to 11. At the time of writing, the dealership only has 6 demo’s left.

Importantly, not only have they reduced their floor-plan charges, but they are now ready to get back into the target achievement program and are now a chance to get target bonuses.

What Did the Client Have to Say?

“Our group has been working with the team at Catalyst for about 3 years now, on a full-time basis. The guys at Catalyst are proactive at getting our advertising to market in a planned and timely manner – I don’t have to think about it as they are all across it. Earlier this year, we briefed Catalyst on a challenge we had with Volkswagen demo’s which weren’t moving and had started to build up, as can happen. Catalyst developed a digital strategy and designed all the digital advertising for Google, Facebook, a video and a personalised landing page to capture more leads. Our website leads went up, and the part I care about most, is that we moved a lot of the demo’s.”.

– Shane Beaney, Dealer Principal

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