13 New Mazda’s in 1 Day Sale

If you’re like us, and let’s be honest, everyone in this great land we call Australia, you’re probably quite fond of public holidays. Nothing warms an Aussie heart more than a long weekend and getting paid for a day off.

While some of us forget our wedding anniversaries or our partner’s birthdays, we can all somehow remember that January 26 is Australia Day. Why? Well of course it’s something for us to look forward to, like the chance to catch up with family and friends for a BBQ, but also because everybody is talking about it. Like Christmas or Boxing Day, the awareness is very strong.

With Australia Day falling on a Saturday in 2019, we saw an opportunity for our client City Mazda to hold an Urgent 1 Day Sale. Saturdays are traditionally strong for Car Dealers, but we identified the potential for increased campaign cut-through and event awareness by holding it our national holiday. Everybody was already talking about Australia Day, so half the work was already done. People were already thinking ahead to the long weekend, we just had to get them thinking about City Mazda.

To do this we pitched a lean digital campaign, primarily focused around two communications with City Mazda’s customer database. First to market was an email marketing campaign on the preceding Tuesday. The campaign graphics and messaging were strong, clear and simple, with language reinforcing the urgency of the sale. Recipients were encouraged to click through to a branded landing page on City Mazda’s website, where they could also register for the event via an online form.

On the Thursday preceding the event we followed it up with an SMS campaign, delivering a short reminder message to the customer database. This message gave the reader all the fundamental event details and linked back to the landing page for more in-depth information and the opportunity to register.

The campaign was also supported by paid Facebook and Instagram ads to generate awareness beyond the existing customer database. We also updated the City Mazda homepage graphics to reflect the sale so that casual browsers from organic traffic were aware of the event.

With the help of a strong and motivated sales team, this campaign delivered City Mazda an exceptional result, with 13 new vehicles sold on the day, exceeding our client’s expectations. Not bad for a marketing spend of less than $3K.

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