Sale Event Ad Campaigns

So, your next sale event is looming up just around the corner …. It may be a monthly sale, a quarterly sale or an annual sale. Will this sale be a success?

There can be quite an emotional build up to running a sale event. If you are a Dealer Principal General Manager or a Marketing Manager, you are no doubt committing significant advertising budget to the event and there are expectations of a result. You need to get a result. You need to get a result to make the sale pay for itself, to get a return and to justify the human effort.

The Challenges in Creating a Retail Sale Event Campaign

There are number of challenges in creating a successful retail sales event campaign, these include:

  • Getting the dealership ready for the sale – there is much to organise
  • Have we chosen the right advertising media?
  • Are our offers strong enough to get customers attention?
  • Will you get enough customers in through the doors for your sales people to sell to? And, of course;
  • It’s all about getting a satisfactory sales result

How to Create Your Retail Sale Event Campaign

When spending money on advertising, you want it to work as hard as it can for you. This means not just ‘brand’ advertising on TV, radio or print, but creating a compelling reason to act. This reason may be rational but more likely, it will be an emotional trigger.

This can be achieved by following the timeless fundamentals of advertising. These include:

  • Hot offers
  • Reasons to trial your business
  • Simplicity
  • Creating urgency
  • Time limits
  • Creating scarcity; and
  • Striking design to create action.

Internal Marketing

Of course, it’s absolutely key to have your staff on board with the campaign message, the campaign offers and the time limits of when the hot offers expire. It’s important for the staff to be engaged with the vibe and energy of the sale – this can make all the difference.

Example of Retail Sale Event Campaign Success


“What do you do…You’re in the middle of the biggest retail campaign of the year and Mother nature decides to unleash with one of the most extreme weather events on record?”

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Types of Retail Sale Events We Create

We create retail sales events which include multi-touchpoint, high intensity, urgent campaigns which inspire action. Depending on the right media selections for your business, we develop a tailored marketing plan including the following media channels:

  • TV, if the budget permits
  • Email to your database of old owners
  • SMS or MMS to mobile to your database of old owners
  • Local area print (more so for regional dealers where print still works)
  • Paid Facebook & Instagram campaigns
  • YouTube ad campaigns
  • Radio with lots of frequency
  • Google AdWords & display; and
  • Point of sale material for your store.

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